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A Speaker for Your Group

The Taxpayers Association has speakers available to talk to your group?regarding current, and past,?taxpayer?concerns?involving local, regional and statewide issues.

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Attend a Meeting

SacTax meets the third Thursday of each month (except August and December) at 11:30am at?the College Town Denny’s.

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Join a Committee

Participants do not have to be a Association member to participate in committees. Meetings are typically held 2-4 times a year, with results presented later at a Association Board meeting.

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Join SacTax

When you join the Sacramento Taxpayers Association, you help support a more accountable and responsible government. SacTax contributes to a better Sacramento for all members of our community.

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Be in the know on issues that affect you as a taxpayer.

2019 Assessor’s Annual Report

06 Jan 2020

Local Sacramento Politicians Propose 40-Year Climate Change Sales Tax

28 Dec 2019
By Katy Grimes A group of city and county politicians is working on a November 2020 ballot measure to increase... Read More

Did you mistakenly sign a petition for an initiative that would raise property taxes?

19 Dec 2019
Signature gatherers who have set up tables outside supermarkets and at other locations have sometimes posted signs that read, “Protect... Read More

Sacramento Taxpayers President Warns of Prop. 13 Bait and Switch Read the petitions and understand what you are signing

08 Nov 2019
By Katy Grimes, November 6, 2019 from the California Globe Debra Desrosiers, President of the Sacramento Taxpayers Association, walked out of Sam’s... Read More

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Responsible Government

SacTax supports fiscal responsibility by elected public officials; a two-thirds (2/3) vote for tax increases (the heart of proposition 13); privatization; the Gann Spending Limits; independent budget analysis and auditing; and term Limits for elected official

Taxpayer Representation

Over the years, the Association has made itself well-known to Sacramento communities’ business and political leaders as a strong representative of local taxpayers.

An Objective Resource

The Association is non-profit and non-partisan, and accepts no government funds.

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